Point Lookout Resort and Conference Center
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Point Lookout Resort and Conference Center

67 Atlantic Hwy, PO Box 119 

Northport, ME 04849



From Portland to PL: 1 hour 58 minutes, 88.46 miles

1. Start out going NORTHEAST on CUMBERLAND AVE toward FRANKLIN ARTERIAL/US-1A S. 0.0 mi
2. Turn LEFT onto US-1A N/FRANKLIN ARTERIAL. 0.4 mi
3. Merge onto I-295 N toward FALMOUTH. 22.3 mi
4. Take EXIT 28 toward US-1/COASTAL ROUTE/BRUNSWICK/BATH. 1.3 mi
5. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto US-1 N/BLUE STAR MEMORIAL HWY. 1.2 mi
6. Turn LEFT onto MILL ST/US-1/BLUE STAR MEMORIAL HWY. Continue to follow US-1 N. 42.8 mi
7. Turn LEFT onto CAMDEN RD/ME-90. Continue to follow ME-90. 10.8 mi
8. Turn LEFT onto COMMERCIAL ST/US-1. Continue to follow US-1. 2.0 mi
9. US-1 becomes US-1. 7.7 mi
10. 67 ATLANTIC HWY is on the LEFT

From Bangor to PL: 1 hour 13 minutes, 47.35 miles

1. Start out going EAST on HAMMOND ST/US-2/US-2A/ME-100 toward UNION ST/ME-222. 0.0 mi
2. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto UNION ST. 0.3 mi
3. Turn RIGHT onto MAIN ST/US-202/ME-9. 0.9 mi
4. Merge onto I-395 W/US-202 W/ME-15 N. 0.4 mi
5. Merge onto US-202 W via EXIT 2 toward HAMPDEN. 4.5 mi
6. Turn LEFT onto US-202/ME-9/WESTERN AVE. Continue to follow ME-9/WESTERN AVE. 0.4 mi
7. Turn RIGHT onto MAIN RD N/US-1A. Continue to follow US-1A S. 19.2 mi
8. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto US-1 W/ME-3 W. Continue to follow US-1 W. 21.5 mi
9. 67 ATLANTIC HWY is on the RIGHT.